My Approach

If I want to know where to go next I should know where I am now. What should we do if our experienced & established methods no longer meet the actual challenges? Should we pull ourselves out of the swamp by our own hair? Allegedly only the legendary Baron Münchhausen was able to do so.

Complex personal questions need dialogue. A professional dialogue partner who serves as an anchor, who saves you in the swamp, is essential. It takes enough time, energy & professionalism.

Coaching is the adequate method to create a high level solution. Afterwards you see what you have neglected, or in the words of Marcel Proust:

„The actual voyages of discovery aren’t those in which to discover new tracts of land, but to see with different eyes“

As a trainer, consultant & coach I have accompanied individuals, teams & groups successfully in various organizations for the past 24 years.

As a coach I define my role rather as “sparring partner” or a “booster” than an “”advicer””

Hereby I would like to place my experience at your disposal.